Monday, October 26, 2009

Why English...??? Not Malays..???

English..It's a worldwide language..World use this language to communicate within each countries..I like to learn English language but hate to use it as my communication language with my friends and also my family..People in Malaysia nowadays always proud when they can speak well in English among his/her friends or publics..Why did this happen? Is our Malaysian language too bad to use it as our communication language? Think it by yourself..

Actually, we can learn and speak English..But not all the time..Not all Malaysians know how to speak in English..Like Japan, they always use their languages to communicate among each other..They speak English but not frequent as some of our people in Malaysia..Japan also can success with their languange, so why not us? Why we can't protect our languange and make it as worldwide language? Why English? What is special about English? Even our teachers in school must teach in English if they got students from other countries..Why don't they learns our language? If we go to overseas to continue our studies we must learn their language first before we can enter the class..Like Japan, Saudi Arabia and so on..So why we must proud to be a well known English speakers?

So take time to think about it..Don't talk about Japan, just see our neighbor in Indonesia..Always use their languages even they got different race and religion, they still use the one language..How we can make the One Malaysia become reality even all of Malayasian people can't speak well in Malays? Proud to speak in English..I also like to speak in English but depends on surroundings and situation..I only speak English when meet foreigner, in my English classess, and so on..I loved speak Malays among my friends, family and publics..There's no reason why I must speak in English all the time..Actually English is a bad language but since I'm a Malaysian and I loved my country, I must learn English as my symbol that I'm support my country and as my future..If Malays language become worldwide language, I'm just say goodbye to that sucks English and welcome Malays..I loved Malays..So, support our Malays language to make it as a worldwide language..Insyaallah..

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